"We achieved excellent results on the Duplishear model DP5 demonstration unit. When we installed our new DP40 production unit the results were even better than we had hoped for."

Martin Hersey - Jotun Paints (Europe) Ltd.

"Processing times reduced by 75% compared with times previously achieved on traditional equipment."

Chris Dixon - Teal & Mackrill Ltd.

"The Duplishear has absolutely revolutionised our manufacture of varnishes & laquers."

Simon Blitz - Neogene Paints Ltd.

"The results on the Duplishear, have in many cases eliminated the need for milling our products. Our future plans are to replace all dispersers with Duplishears."

Kevin McGlue - Colorcon Ltd.

"We are absolutely delighted with our new Duplishear DP40, we are now producing a finished batch in two hours compared to eight hours with the mixer we have replaced. A massive 75% reduction in processing times."

Gary Powell - Ultrachem Ltd.

"Our Duplishear DP25 has now been in operation for three months with production results exceeding expectations. The unit is versatile, process time saving and easy to operate. Our original processing time on a 3,200kilo batch was 24-36 hours. We are now processing the same batch size on the Duplishear completed within a 12 hour shift."

Richard Tweddle - AEV Ltd.